The language object

The language file is JSON schema defined in the theme, here is an example of a language schema.

  "location": {
    "get_directions": "Directions",
    "call": "Call",
    "view_website": "Website",
    "email": "Email",
    "opening_hours_header": "Opening Hours",
    "description_header": "Information",
    "phone_number_header": "Phone",
    "address_header": "Address",
    "tag_groups_to_display": "Amenities"
  "map": {
    "search_placeholder": "Type a postcode or address..."

Once a language schema is saved, A GUI of that language file will be created and can be accessed by going to Customize theme > Language

To access text within a language file use the language liquid object, with the above example we would access the location opening hours header text by using

{{ language.location.opening_hours_header }}
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