The theme settings object

The theme_settings file is JSON schema defined in the theme files, here is an example of a theme settings schema.

  "colors": {
    "color_text": "#000000",
    "color_text_heading": "#121212",
    "color_background": "#F7F7EA",
    "color_accent": "#FF105A",
    "color_text_positive": "#128A09",
    "color_text_negative": "#D42E2E"
  "typography": {
    "base_font_size": "14px"

Once the theme settings schema is saved, A GUI of the theme settings file will be created and can be accessed by going to Customize theme 

To access the value within a theme setting file use the theme_settings liquid object, with the above example we would access the typography base font size by using

{{ theme_settings.typography.base_font_size }} == "14px"
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