Setting up tags and tag groups

You can use tags to filter and also display information on your locations. 

You can add a tag in a few ways, either by uploading it when doing an import, adding the tag when adding a location or adding a tag under the tags menu.

When adding or editing a tag there are a number of fields

Title - The title used for the tag

Description - This can be outputting on the theme to give more information about the tag

Image URL - This can be used to display images or icons relating to the tag

Display on - Choose if you want to show this tag on the map filters

Tag group - Each tag can belong to a tag group, for example you might put 'Free Parking' 'Wifi' under the group Amenities.

Display the tag groups on the the Sublime theme

To display the tag groups on a location, go to customise and under the setting add the tag groups that you want to display. For example below the tag groups shown are Amenities, Services and Products. 

IF your tags have images and you want to display them as smaller icons, add the tag group to the 'Tag groups to display as icons'

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